I’m so done, I’m not done. I don’t know what I’m doing

    It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine.


    Hello. I like cute things. I like to make things. I like shopping for things. I like writing and sharing what I write about things.

    What kinds of things?

    I’m glad you asked. Today it’s using my label maker for journaling.

    Phomemo D30 label maker and labels on pink background

    Creating writing-prompt stickers for journaling

    Phomemo D30

    The above link is an affiliate link, I’ll profit financially if you use it to make a purchase (thank you for your moral and material support.)

    I like Phomemo products (yes, I have the Phomemo M200 and Phomemo M02 Pro [both of those links are also affiliate links] as well) and the Print Master app I have to the M200 printer also works for the D30 label maker so that made it super easy for me. All of that being said, if you have a label maker you probably don’t need to purchase another one in order to have some fun using it for journaling.

    Obviously one could be super organized and make pretty title and date labels for journal pages, but today I’ve made a handful of questions to use as writing prompts. I like creating questions I wish people would ask me or questions I’d ask someone if I was interviewing them.

    Questions like:

    • What’s your bright spot? (Knowledge Fight)
    • What is your super-power?
    • What did you like about today?
    • What have you learned today?
    • What was your best mistake?

    Half the fun is coming up with good questions and the other half is choosing different fonts and formatting the question into a journal ready prompt.

    Do you have a favorite writing prompt? Please leave a comment and tell me what questions you’d like someone to ask you.

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